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Content for Full-Time
and Member Missionaries.

With the rise in popularity of Social Media, the methods for sharing Jesus Christ have changed significantly. However, there are little to no resources explaining the best practices of online evangelism.

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Gather Israel Online

How to Gather Israel Online is a Masterclass for full-time and member Missionaries teaching how best to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ online. (In better ways than Tik-Tok dances and copy-pasting C.S. Lewis quotes.)


This course was lovingly put together by 20+ LDS Creative professionals and will feature 30+ videos and more content spread out over the course of August. 100% free to the public.

About Us

From Arizona to Germany, we are a group of LDS creative professionals lending our creative time & talents to help the message of Jesus Christ stand out in a world full of the best cat videos the internet has to offer.

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Free Printables

Our team of designers put together a handful of PDF worksheets to help you apply the information in the video course as an individual, companionship, or district.


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